18:00 May 19 Arts printing house (Pocket hall)

“Classical Beauty”

Taneli Törmä / Location X (Denmark)

Brought to Kaunas in a cooperation with the Aerowaves’ network

Choreographer and performer: Taneli Törmä
Corps de ballet: 10-16 students from local ballet school
Light designer: Mårten K. Axelsson
Sound designer and music: Erik Schrøder Christoffersen and P. Tchaikovsky
Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich
Artistic mentor: Catherine Poher
Technician: David Nicolás Abad
Administrator: The project centre at Dansehallerne
Producer: LOCATION X
Re-Dream is funded by the Danish Arts Foundation and Københavns Scenekunstudvalg

Premiere: 2016
Duration: 25 min

Dreams for the future can help us live, however they can also prevent us from living the life that we really desire. Taneli’s solo is about waking up – a rethinking of the meaning and importance of dreams. In Classical beauty, the dancer-choreographer Taneli Törmä is hunting for one of his dreams – to dance his way to become a classical ballet male soloist. This dream is something that he couldn’t have done alone anymore. In the solo, he needs to modify his dream in order for it to come true. Sometimes it takes 11 years or more to get the courage to face the actual tools to fulfil the dream so that the dream would be finally true to yourself. Taneli Törmä performs his dream humorously, but with profound honesty.

Taneli Törmä is a Finnish artist based in Odense, Denmark, active in contemporary dance, film and multidisciplinary projects. He is a freelancer, guest performer and performer-choreographer, artistic director for his own Location X collaboration projects. Taneli was educated at the Finnish National Ballet School, Vocational qualification in dance in Helsinki/Finland 2002-2005 and Compagnia Roberto Zappala Modem Studio atelier in Catania/Italy 2007-2008. He has worked around Europe as a full-contract artist or as a freelancer in different kinds of theatres and companies. Aerowaves – a European network – has selected Taneli’s Location X projects for priority lists (Zoom in 2015 and Classical Beauty in 2017) two times. The multidisciplinary artist has made dance movies since 2010, shooting them in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway and Estonia. His films Epilogue and Jump dance movies have received international dance film prizes in 2015 and 2016.


Alessandro Schiattarella (Switzerland)

Choreography: Alessandro Schiattarella
Music: Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Dance, light, stage Design: Alessandro Schiattarella
Costume design: Simona Lanzberg
Co-produced by: Konzerttheater Bern

Premiere: 2012
Duration: 20 min

“When in 1999 I was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, that caused a gradual atrophy of the nerves and muscles in my hands. I began to imagine – what if it didn’t stop at my hands and expanded throughout my body, if I could no longer feel and move my limbs, touch and perceive, if the condition would lead me to be a prisoner in my own corporeality, entangled in the habitual senses… This drove me to experiment with alternatives to the movement I was usually accustomed to “feel” and share: exploring beyond the amplitude of a gesture, facing my limits, searching for new ways of sensing my body itself, and my body in the encounter with the other. This solo is the result of such explorative research, beyond and elsewhere what a body can do, feel, experience and sense through the compositional power of dance expression.”

Alessandro Schiattarella is a dancer, choreographer and videographer based in Switzerland; his research focuses on less-visible disability. Since the age of fifteen, he has been affected by Hirayama disease, a neuromuscular disability which slowly reduced the strength in his hands. This didn’t stop him dancing in international and renowned dance companies such as the Bejart Ballet Lausanne (2002-2008), the Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve (2009), the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam (2011), the Konzert Theater Bern (2012) and Ballett Basel (2013-2014). From 2015 up to now, Alessandro has been supported by the Cultural Commission of the City of Basel. His latest productions are: Altrove, a 20-minute solo performed in several international festivals, and his first corporeal investigation of the less-visible disability movement; as progress of it, Tell Me Where It Is – a full-evening solo piece choreographed into a biographical perspective. Alessandro has been awarded at the Choreographic Captures Competition for the video-choreography of Mani-Cure.