18:00 May 03 Arts printing house (Pocket hall)

Under the Flesh

Bassam Abou Diab (Liban)

Choreography and direction: Bassam Abou Diab

Performers: Bassam Abou Diab, Ayman Sharaf El Dine and a translator

Music composition: Samah Tarabay


Duration: 30′

(c) Eleonora Costa, Giancarlo Donatini

Under the Flesh is a personal reflexion that raises the question of how the body reacts in situations of war and danger and how this survival condition can be turned into a kind of dance with its specific technique.

Bassam Abou Diab is a theatre graduate from the Lebanese University and a folklore and contemporary dance artist. He performed Not Connected, Under the Flesh and Of What I Remember in which he was the choreographer and the dancer. In addition, he directed and choreographed Palestinian Karma, a performance for the national Academy of Rome that he performed in Ravello festival in Italy.

He has been dancing with Omar Rajeh|Maqamat for several years. He performed in Mushrooms and Fig Leaves, Hibr, That Part of Heaven and Watadour. He was also part of the intensive dance training program Takween in 2010 and 2011, where he worked with choreographers such as Marcel Leemann, Emilyn Claid, Thierry Smits, Luc Dunberry, Marco Cantalupo, Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Radhouane El Meddeb, Jens Bjerregaard, Kristina De Chatelle, Damien Jalet and Franceso Scavetta. Bassam has also performed in theater plays in Lebanon with directors such as Nidal al Ashkar, Jawad al Asadi, Ossama Halal, Rouaida al Ghali, Badih Abou Chakra and Malek Andary.