12:00 May 05 Arts printing house (Pocket hall)

10:01 Dance Story

Denisas Kolomyckis

*Free admission

Author: Denisas Kolomyckis

Collaboration: Agnė Petrulėnaitė, Daniel Broadbent

Partners: Lithuanian Culture Institute,  Justė Kostikovaitė (Cultural attaché, United Kingdom), „Pavilion Dance South West“ (PDSW), Arts Printing House

The New Baltic Dance festival presents a one-day workshop 10:01 Dance Story. During this workshop, using the open studio principle, from 12:00 to 16:00 the participants and audience will be invited to create their own short dance videos together with a dancer Denisas Kolomyckis and a video artist Agne Petrulėnaite.

Each participant will play the role of the director, screenwriter and choreographer. The 10:01 Dance Story project focuses on collaboration with various artists and different audiences. Workshop participants will engage in the video creation process through an experimental, non-traditional way of documenting dance, and work on personal relationships with dance, motion and cinematography.

At the same time, 33 short dance videos in the form of installations will be presented in the Arts Printing House. The audience will be invited to watch the already documented dance videos and immerse themselves into a journey through various places and different expressions of motion.

10:01 Dance Story is a dance video diary inspired by the legendary filmmaker John Meck and his 365 Says project. Unconventional structures of dance and movement, inseparable from the understanding of the surrounding world, the flow of dance poetry, and the range of emotional changes. There is no single author in this project, it is a more collaborative platform and metamorphosis through relationships between different creators.

Denisas Kolomyckis is a Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist. He has trained as a ballet dancer who later transformed his classical dance understanding into site-specific, body related performances in galleries, theatres, public and private locations. He studied acting and acted in film and theatre in Lithuania, Poland, the USA. Denisas has presented over 100 performances in different countries in Europe, also Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia) and the USA (New York, Mississippi).

D. Kolomyckis is a honorary ambassador of Ministry of FLUXUS (Lithuania) and a winner of the youngest volunteer award of the year 2006. In 2017 he received a Lithuanian flag award by the President of the Lithuania for his work with the diaspora and Lithuanian communities. Denisas is known for his work with legendary film-maker Jonas Mekas and Lithuanian director Šarūnas Bartas. As a public figure Denisas is working in non-governmental sector as a chairman of NGO We-YOUTH, he is also a board member of Lithuanian community in Portugal and an artistic director of cultural association RAIZVANGUARDA (Portugal). In 2018 Denisas together with critical mass of actors in Lithuania founded Lithuanian Actors Guild and currently is a council member of this institution. He is an active civil and human rights activist, often in his work escalating topics related to the political and system criticism in public discourse. Currently Denisas is studying sculpture (BA) in Vilnius Art Academy.