19:00 May 03 Arts printing house (Black hall)

Even Worse

Guilherme Miotto / Corpo Maquina (The Netherlands)

Choreographer: Guilherme Miotto

Dancers: Shane Boers, Simon Bus and Evangelos Biskas

Soundscape: Joel Ryan

Scenography and lighting design: Erik van de Wijdeven

Costume design: Guilherme Miotto

Dramaturgy: Moos van den Broek

Produced by: Corpo Máquina

Made with financial support from the Breda municipality, the Performing Arts Fund, Dans-Brabant and Podium Bloos.


Premiere: 2017

Duration: 50′

(c) Ernest Potters, Steven Ligtherta, Steven Ligthert

In Even Worse choreographer Guilherme Miotto brings three of the most remarkable dancers from urban and contemporary dance together on a stage. After the dark duet Gefallen (2014) for b-boys Joey Schrauwen and Menno van Gorp, and the solo Rise Up (2015) – which brought Van Gorp a nomination for a Zwaan award – Miotto has now created a trio: Even Worse.

Shane Boers, Simon Bus and Evangelos Biskas are three well-matched dancers from widely differing backgrounds: from cutting-edge breakdance to experimental hiphop and contemporary dance. In Even Worse the styles all blend to form a new and distinct vocabulary. We witness three young men with virtuoso motor skills, in the midst of a casual yet tense togetherness, each wrestling with his own individual obsessions and fears. Lifted up by the dynamics created by their sense of community, they proceed to create a series of heroic images to test themselves and each other repeatedly. Alternating between resistance and surrender they organise one escape after another. Undiluted energy translated into pure physicality. Sometimes exuberant, sometimes painful, and sad, too, but arresting every time.

Guilherme Miotto received the Andre Gingras Award in 2015. The judges’ report read: “Departing from his radical integrity, Miotto creates shows with a very unique, contrary signature. Like a piece of hard-hitting poetry, raw and delicate at the same time. His work is suffused with the complexities of our age, with his performers who appear to be propelled by their surroundings, their bodies struggling to find their balance.”