20:30 May 09 Arts printing house (Black hall)

Kaunas Zoo

AURA Dance Theatre (Lithuania)


Choreography: Birutė Letukaitė

Costumes: Kristina Čyžiūtė and Birutė Letukaitė

Music: improvised music band “Kaunas Zoo”

Lights: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas

Dancers: Blake Seidel, Chiara Corbetta, Clara Giambino, Evgeniy Kalachev, Jasper Narvaez , Julija Mintautė, Matthew Livingston, Marine Fernandez, Mei Chen


Premiere: 2019

Duration: 60′

Dance and live music performance examine the themes of beauty, fashion cult, luxury pursuits and the demonstration of vanity that it brings. The current issues of society and problems caused by life “with masks” are highlighted. Fame and vanity demonstrated in the performance reveal the true inner feelings of the individual, which is often weakened and damaged by distorted dogmas. Attempts are made to reveal the human nature that is altruistic, sensitive and honest to one’s own and others.

AURA Dance Theatre promotes the expression of contemporary dance in Lithuania. Dance studio AURA, which was established on Birutė Letukaitė’s initiative in 1980, was registered as Kaunas City Theatre in 1995 and is still directed by the prominent choreographer today. During the years of its existence, the theatre created and shaped the face of Lithuanian contemporary dance and trained a great number of professional dancers who are known worldwide. AURA is constantly working on various international projects, cooperates with foreign and Lithuanian choreographers and artists of various fields. For 28 years it has been organising the international dance festival “Aura”. AURA represents Lithuanian contemporary dance in many foreign countries and constantly shares innovative ideas with the world of dancing.

AURA has about 50 city, national and international awards, also has received excellent feedback from both domestic and foreign press. In 2006 Birutė Letukaitė was awarded the Golden Stage Cross for the choreography of performance Aseptic Zone or Lithuanian Songs and in 2008 she became a government cultural and artistic prize winner. 2013 Birutė Letukaitė has got the second Golden Stage Cross for the significant input to the contemporary Lithuanian dance art and Kaunas city Culture and Art award.