18:00 May 11 Arts printing house (Pocket hall)

Blank Spots

Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania)


* Entrance just with accreditations

Choreography and performance: Lukas Karvelis

Music: Adrian Crespo Barba


Premiere: 2019

Duration: 40′

(c) WWicke

Blank Spots is a solo performance that deals with personal and collective identities. The performance consists of two parts which both challenge and complement each other. The first part features my alter ego Trisha which is a vulgar, extravagant individual constantly (re)inventing itself. Meanwhile, the second part inspired by Lithuanian folk culture and archetypes scrutinizes the collective identity often believed to be “given”. To what extent do I invent myself or to what extent am I a mere being – a product of my individual circumstances and collective context?

Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania) worked with well known choreographers such as Marina Mascarell, Jiri Kylian, Antonin Comestaz, Alleyne Dance, Cayetano Soto. He studied at M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts and Codarts Rotterdam – University for the Arts. 2015-2018 residence choreographer at Performance Bar in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2017 he got a scholarship from Jiri Kylian foundation. The same year he participated in AI17 Dance Festival in Toronto, Canada. Collaboration with designer Youjia Jin in Paris fashion week 2017.

In 2018 he got the 2nd prize and a video prize in “22nd Internationales Solo – Tanz Festival Stuttgart”. The same year he was performing in Lucky Trimmer Festival in Mainz, Germany and Bern Tanz platform in Switzerland. Last spring he went to New York to an exchange program with Alvin Ailey School. His solo Blank Spots toured in Germany, The Netherlands and Brazil in 2018 – 2019.