19:00 May 05 Arts printing house (Black hall)


Nach Van Van (France)

Choreography, performance, text and images: Nach

Set design, light and video: Emmanuel Tussore

Technical manager, sound designer: Vincet Hoppe

Set construction: Boris Munger and Jean-Alain Van

Co-produced with: Espace 1789, Scène conventionnée danse – Saint-Ouen, Maison Daniel Féry – Nanterre, CDCN Atelier de Paris / Carolyn Carlson – Vincennes, Théâtre de Fresnes

With the support of: La Maison des Métallos – Paris, La Scène nationale de Saint-Nazaire, le CN D – Pantin,  Le CCN de Roubaix, le CCN de La Rochelle

Thanks to: Heddy Maalem and Marcel Bozonnet


Premiere: 2017

Duration: 35′

(c) Emmanuel Tussore

I am a warrior. I take risk.

Day after day, I am making up, I find out, I dare, I don’t bend.

I am alone in my identity suspended.
I am moved to tears. I grab my guts, I devour my loved ones.

I am multiple, pure, violent, « jouissante », suffering.

My soul is burning, it’s sacred. I whisper in churches. I beg. I seize I take my pain out to undo it.

I am Nach.

A monster lost in myths and cultures.
I fascinate, I frighten, I disgust, I feed fantasies.

I am a goddess, a whore, a witch, a holy Mary.

I am ugly. I get high with life.
I seek a ritual to be created.
I don’t care about Art, necessity only is worth.


Nach is a young woman who started to take an interest in Krump after watching David LaChapelle’s movie Rize and running into one of these dance performances in front of Opéra de Lyon in 2005. From urban rituals on the roofs of the Porte de Montreuil to Éloge du puissant Royaume by the contemporary choreographer Heddy Maalem, Nach says that she is “exploring the territory of her inner lights and shades (…) and playing with the ambiguity of her androgynous body, two beings conversing within the same body”.

As, like all the Krumpers, Nach is herself and her avatar, her personal. In her dance solo Cellule, video projections coat the walls of this cell with interplays of close-ups on embracing bodies. Of Krump, this very codified and hierarchised dance born in Los Angeles in the 2000s following race riots, Nach is presenting a personal version, freed from the past but loyal to the peers of the movement.