18:30 May 09 Lithuanian national drama theatre (Small hall)


Šeiko Dance Company & Granhøj Dans (Lithuania/Denmark)

*Baltic Dance Platform


Dance and live music performance for 8 dancers and 8 cellists

Choreographer: Palle Granhøj

Participants: Šeiko Dance Company & Klaipėda cello ensemble

Music: based on Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro”

Sound director: Kastytis Narmontas

Co-production: Granhøj Dans (DK), artistic director & choreographer Palle Granhøj, Šeiko Dance Company (LT), artistic director Agnija Šeiko

In collaboration with: International Klaipėda Cello Festival and Competition (Klaipėda Concert Hall) & New Baltic Dance Festival in Vilnius (Lithuanian Dance Information Center)

Premiere: 2019

Duration: 60′

The world premier – first ever one hour duration show of  Boléro, a contemporary dance and live music performance. Renown Danish choreographer Palle Granhøj in collaboration with Šeiko Dance Company and Klaipeda cello ensemble (Lithuania) creates a new performance for 8 cellos and 8 dancers, based on music of orchestral piece Boléro by the French composer Maurice Ravel. Choreographic compositions of P. Granhøj list a number of pieces, combining classical music and contemporary dance, such as The Rite of Spring (I. Stravinsky), 2men2mahler and Men & Mahler on G. Mahler’s music.

Special P. Granhøj’s obstruction technique, limiting movements and creating a specific repetitive motion for the dancers, based on the rhythm of Boléro, will be used in the performance. The usual situation when the orchestra is seated in orchestra pit and dancers are performing on the stage will be put upside down as the musicians will be seated on the top of the special boxes suitable for dancers to enter.

Šeiko Dance Company (former dance theatre PADI DAPI Fish) works in the contemporary dance field creating dance and music performances, immersive theatre, site-specific performances, promenade performances, dance education projects and theatre laboratories. As the winners of the most professional theatre scene awards, they have been working as a company in Klaipėda for six years and has expanded their geography to many countries abroad. It has toured in the USA, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Norway, Denmark, Russia, China, Iceland, Ukraine, Israel, Bulgaria, etc. They speak the universal language of dance, unrestricted by any censorship or political, cultural, ethnic, religious or social boundaries. Choreographer Agnija Šeiko, the artistic director of the company, is recognized for her interdisciplinary approach, distinctive aesthetics, sensitive social topics and the variety of forms.

Granhøj Dans is an internationally acknowledged dance company based in Denmark. The productions of Granhøj Dans are created by the company’s artistic director and choreographer Palle Granhøj, in close co-operation with the dancers.

The starting point of every production is the Obstruction Technique developed by P. Granhøj, and which has made possible the creation of about 36 original works in the last 30 years. Based on the above named working method, the choreographer reshapes the movements of the performers by means of hindering actions, revealing inner layers of their personality in the process, thus turning the spotlight on human condition. Rather than showing dancers and choreographies on stage, P. Granhøj wants to present men and women as they are: genuine, alive and complex. The works of P. Granhøj have so far been presented in 49 different countries.