17:00 May 11 Studio II (Arts Printing House)

Imagine There’s a Fish

Sigrid Savi (Estonia)

* Entrance just with accreditations

Choreography and performance: Sigrid Savi

Artistic support and set design: Marko Odar

Light designer: Oliver Kulpsoo

Sound design support: Kenn-Eerik Kannike

Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital, Dansearena Nord


Premiere: 2017

Duration: 25′

(c) Laura Arum-Lääts

„Imagine There´s a Fish“ is a debut performance by Sigrid Savi premiered as a part of Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava young choreographers series.

There is a room, a fish, a decorative aquarium, and in the middle of all that – a posh seeker. Just there. Unawareness feeds the imagination and maybe we see a fish where it’s not or the other way around. Still, every cheesy old truth has eaten its way into the mind, as always, every single one of them makes the soft and impressionable tissue stiffer and then a miracle happens – a human stone is crystallized. A monument made of silted thoughts takes form. A dried turd. That is a real pillar.

This is an expedition which drags itself to the safe unknown navigating on the autopilot. Asking yourself romantically: “What if the PACIFIC BLACKDRAGON never meets the BIG EYE TUNA?”

Sigrid Savi has worked mostly as a freelance dancer and recently has been active in choreographing and performing. She graduated in 2015 at Viljandi Culture Academy with a focus on choreography and dance education. She has since established herself in Berlin. Her work is characterized by brutally naive-feeling structures and representations. Her sensibilities emphasize audience empirical perspectives and stylistic coherent which unfold in either correlation or opposition to pre-existing canons.

“Imagine There’s a Fish” has been performed outside Estonia at Let Me In Festival in Berlin, Zelyonka Fest in Kyev,  Gertrude Ielas Teatris in Riga, at Talking about Borders in Nürnberg, at Tramway in Glasgow. “Imagine There’s a Fish” was nominated for the Estonian Theatre Award prize in dance category in 2017.

Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL) is a theatre and a contemporary dance platform in Telliskivi creative district. STL is focused on producing performances that deal with movement and body while using the expressive means inherent to contemporary performing arts.