20:30 May 10 Arts printing house (Black hall)

Bedre / Rock Bottom

Sintija Siliņa (Latvia)

Choreography, idea: Sintija Siliņa

Dramaturgy: Linda Krūmiņa

Choreography, dance: Laura Kušķe, Alise Madara Bokaldere, Jana Jacuka and Līga Ūbele

Video: Kristaps Epners

Music: Maksims Šenteļevs

Lighting: Oskars Pauliņš

Costume design: Liene Dobrāja and Katrīna Liepa

Design: Aigars Opincāns

Photography: Margarita Germane and Billijs Locs

Production: Agnese Skara

Bedre / Rock Bottom performance is created with the support of the State Culture Capital Foundation, Riga City Council and AKKA/LAA.


Premiere: 2018

Duration: 50′

(c) Billijs Locs, Billijs Locs, Margarita Germane

The dark cloud, a 50 kg heavy duty backpack, a swamp, the sandpaper bed, cotton wool, emptiness and rock bottom are only some of the metaphors devoted to depression describing the state a person experiences when facing this disease. Depression is one of the illnesses that is difficult to detect since it is based on superficial assumptions and prejudices about its occurrence, effects and treatment. Alarmingly wide spectrum of people who suffer from depression do not seek systematic treatment either because they fail to recognize the illness or because they ignore its symptoms. The state of depression in its various stages and feelings is difficult to convey in words.

The creative team of Bedre / Rock Bottom contemporary dance performance has united efforts to decode the processes of depression using personal experiences and those of others, specialist observations and comments. Dance, video, sound and light is the language of the performance.

After graduating from Latvian Academy of Culture sub-programme Modern Dance Choreography (led by Olga Zhitluhina) in 2007, Sintija Siliņa joined several friends in creating contemporary dance project Anatomy of Dance in Riga, which is her main focus in dance for now. Since 2005 she is teaching and creating choreography in dance studio Intriga as well as in dance studio Ritms next to being an independent choreographer.

Sintija received extra education in several workshop and summer school sessions like: Bates Dance Festival (USA, 2008), Dance Omi International Dance Collective residency for choreographers (USA, 2008), Tsekh (RU, 2006) and ImPulsTanz (AUS, 2005). Sintija was a DanceWEB Europe scholarship recipient in 2007. She was an organiser of interactive event Day of Dance in Riga in 2006, 2007, 2008. Her latest interest is turned towards researching the choreography and its interaction with environment, other art forms, etc.